Eco Conference Catch Up

We had a great eco conference with about 100 attendees.

1 The first talk was by Dr Mike Morecroft and IPCC author and member of our own congregation. 

He talked for 30 minutes about What is the challenge?

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2 Dr Margot Hodson was up second and she talked about "Why should we look after the earth?" She works for JRI.

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3 Third was Helen Stephens, who is the national leader for the eco church movement with more than 5000 church members. She talked about "How can we make a difference?"

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4 The afternoon was full of seminars, too many for us to get to them all. One was from John Tucker from the Woodland Trust "What's so good about trees?".

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My hope and prayer is that everyone will do something to try to save the planet. St Lawrence’s Hungerford is now a silver eco church. We have a wild flower meadow and our electricity comes from renewable sources. We have planted 4200 trees with the woodland trust and every church could do this! It is NOT too late to act. If we act now then we can save the planet but...

There is no planet B.