Tree Planting

St Lawrence's Hungerford — partnership with — Woodland Trust

God’s original design for our world was a garden, the Garden of Eden. At the end of time it will be restored and since we are on God’s team we want to play our part in restoring it.

So in partnership with the Woodland Trust we are planting trees.

  • In November 2019 we helped plant 420 at Hungerford Primary school
  • In March 2020 we planted 420 near Wilton Windmill

Since then, we have planted 1,680 trees with Town and Manor and 1,680 trees with the Kirby Estate.

In total, we have planted 4,200 trees.

Could churches do more to fight climate change?

Watch the video below from BBC News which heard from young churchgoers on their thoughts about faith and the battle to halt climate change.

If you would like us to plant some trees for you or want further information please contact:
  • Rev. Mike Saunders
  • 01488 208341
  • Every day except Thursday