There is no Planet B (ii)

Christianity has always held in tension that fact that “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” Psalm 24.1 and that we the people of the earth are responsible to God and to co-operate with God to care for the planet. If you like the earth is owned by God and we are his caretakers.

I became a Christian when I was a university student way back in i976 and even then people were writing about the need for simpler lifestyles in order to save the planet. Over the last couple of years the media have taken up this cause with programmes like Blue Planet talking about plastic pollution; the Pope has written his encyclical “Laudato Si - On the Care of our Common Home”; and more locally Dr Mike Morecroft who works for Natural England as their climate change scientist gave a talk one Monday evening and 80 people came to listen in church while thanks to Penny Post another 800 watched online.

So, what can we do to reduce our carbon footprint and hand our planet on to our children and grandchildren in a better state than it is today?

Well we have recently had to buy a new car and by spending a little more money we are told our new car will do 60 miles per gallon which is 50% more than the old one. Over the last three years we have also redesigned the vicarage garden and as a result last year we grew enough raspberries, courgettes, butternut squash and tomato puree for the year.

I would love to hear what you are doing to try to save the planet. There is no Planet B!