What has coronavirus revealed about our priorities?

At St Lawrence’s we started church at home on Sunday 22 March. Similarly the home groups became Zoom groups without missing a week and a few weeks later Sunday school online started as well. Our worship, discipleship, childrens and youth work are now all online. Our priorities were revealed by where we invested our time and our energy.

And the same has happened in home life. Almost every day our boys have rung us to make sure “the old fogies” are healthy and Alison has spoken to her parents as much as usual and I have talked with my brothers about mum and dad roughly alternate days. Our priorities have been revealed by where we have invested our time and energy.

So what about you? Where have you invested your time and energy?

Have you revealed your love for God by joining the church online?

Have you revealed your love for your family by phoning them regularly? Have you loved your neighbours by speaking to them on your daily walk?

My hope and prayer is that we have discovered that our priorities are to love Jesus, to love others and to love yourself.

When this Covid crisis is all over the world will be a different place.

But we can allocate more time to being with God, to being with our family and neighbours and to daily exercise, the world may well be a better place at the end of this crisis.