Do you love to learn?

What makes you curious? Do you have an enquiring mind?

St Benedict used the image of Jacob’s ladder to talk about how we get close to God. He said we ascend the stairway to heaven through humility and we descend when we are proud. I am naturally nosey! I love to ask questions and to understand more and it doesn’t really matter what the subject is. The other week we saw a butterfly in the garden that we didn’t recognise and were thrilled at the end of the week when Gardeners World showed a picture of it. So now we have a page of butterfly pictures on the table in the garden so we can learn the names of some of the butterflies.

We were struck some years ago, when a primary school pupil told us he knew all about Maths and when we enquired some more it was that he knew all of his times tables right up to 12. And it was later the same week that we heard Professor John Lennox saying that there was a lot more maths still to be understood. The primary pupil thought he knew it all and the Maths professor knew he still had a lot to learn.

It seems to me that for most of us the third step on our journey of faith is to become learners. Step 1 may be being with Jesus as we join in weekly worship and daily devotions. Step 2 may be belonging to the family of God, the church which usually includes staying for coffee after church! But we will never become like Jesus or do the things he did unless we want to learn, to change and to acquire new skills.

Our son is a Maths teacher, he loves numbers and the harder the better. But he would say that his primary purpose as a teacher is to give his students a love of learning. Do you love learning? What questions are you asking about your faith?