You are what you worship

I love to read and to stretch my mind and I have been reading about discipleship which is all about following Jesus and becoming more Christ like. Recently I came across a chapter heading which has been going round and round in my mind, it is “You are what you worship”.

We know this to be true. If we worship money and things then we never have enough. If we worship our bodies and beauty then we will always feel ugly. If we worship power then we will always feel weak and afraid and will need more power over others to keep our fear at bay. In fact it is a good reason to worship God because pretty much anything else we worship will eat us alive! So what do you worship?

St Augustine said of God, “You made us for yourself and our heart is restless until it rests in you”. When we worship Christ Jesus then we become more Christ like. Our weekly worship teaches us holy habits and as we embed them in our daily devotions slowly and surely our loves are aligned with the love of God. Such that we find ourselves Loving God back, Loving, our neighbours and investing in ourselves.

After 56 years of following Jesus, I thank God for his work in me which means I am not where I used to be and I pray that he will continue to transform me to give me the character of Jesus and the faith to do the things he did.