No one needs to be hungry

Our Harvest Festival this years is on Sunday 2 October at 10.00am and we are encouraging people to brig a donation from the foodbank shopping list to help us try to bury the communion table in food and toiletries for the neediest in  our community.

It is a sad reflection upon our society that the loss of a job or the breakdown of a marriage and the subsequent loss f income means that almost anyone in our community can find themselves on the breadline. In fact the evidence seems to be that those who have had bigger jobs have often borrowed more money and find themselves in deeper debt.

The Hungerford foodbank is part of the churches response to this need and we rely upon donations to maintain a small stock of food at the Methodist church. Those who are hungry can then get a red voucher from the schools the doctor’s surgery or the churches to take to the foodbank. The foodbank is then open on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30 – 3.00pm at Hungerford Methodist church where someone with a red voucher can exchange their voucher for three days food for their household.

It is a simple system supported by the Trussell Trust based in Salisbury, who over the last year have supplied over a million people with three days food.

So please come to join us for our harvest festival and please bring a donation for the foodbank.