Are we ready to emerge from lockdown?

The first time we went to Africa, we went to Uganda, and for the first three days I was almost silent and then.... then I had loads of questions. It was culture shock. I had never before seen a mud hut with no water and no electricity; or people washing their clothes in a river; or a motorbike with a pig laid across it!

And when we got home... I experienced reverse culture shock. It seemed both selfish and extravagant to have well stocked supermarkets and for about 10 years I didn’t change either my car or my computer.

It feels to me as if the Covid crisis of the last year has been a similar culture shock. For practically a year, our familiar routines have been abandoned and predictable patterns of interaction have been removed.

And as we begin to merge from lockdown over the next 6 months, we will need to choose which of our old patterns we want to re-establish and which we are gong to drop for good. For me I am going to prioritise time with God, training myself to become more like Jesus and making lasting relationships. I am especially looking forward to seeing the youth group face to face, to seeing children in church again and to the day toddlers is allowed to meet again.

What about you?

Who will you prioritise as we emerge from lockdown?