Renewing the Earth

The creation story in Genesis is a poetic style of writing to help us know who God is and who we are. To help us know how we relate to God, one another and creation. It teaches us that we are made in the image of God and that creation is inherently good. It teaches us that part of our purpose is “to work the garden and to care for it”.

We all know that since the industrial revolution we have not done a good job of caring for creation but the truth is it is not yet too late and some of us are doing all that we can to renew the earth. So for example St Lawrence’s church has planted:

  • 420 trees with Hungerford Primary School
  • 420 trees with a farmer near Wilton windmill
  • 840 trees alongside HEAT for the Town and Manor

And later in the autumn there will be some more trees to plant.

In the meantime we are working with Canal and River Trust to restore the towpath. Last month 20 volunteers brought their wheelbarrows from home and spread 7 tons of gravel on the towpath. The next Canal Work Party is on Thursday 10 June starting at 10.00am. We would love you to work alongside us to restore the towpath and if you can bring a wheelbarrow that would be excellent because CRT only have three!

I believe that part of the pupose of humanity is to renew the earth and we at St Lawrence’s are doing our best to play our part. We would love to invite you to work with us.