Re-Emerging Well

At last, it feels as if we might be coming out of the pandemic and there may be a unique opportunity to start afresh. So I have begun to think about three questions and I would love to hear what you think. The questions are:

  1. What have we gained during lockdown and want to keep?
  2. What have we lost and don’t want back?
  3. What have we lost and do want to have back?

Personally I have enjoyed going for a short walk most days. Even today we have walked along the canal and had some significant conversations. I have also been pleasantly surprised by how many people join us online. One funeral was watched by over 700 people and more than 300 joined us for Remembrance Sunday. So we plan to stay online.

On the other hand, it has been good to drive a bit less and it has even saved us some money. So I hope that in the future we might use zoom to reduce the number of miles we drive.

And what have I missed the most? I would say singing in church. I love it when we sing a rousing final hymn. And I have also missed having people round to a meal not least because we seem to have better conversations over a meal with a glass of wine in our hands.

So what about you? As we start afresh will there be some new habits you try to keep? Will there be some old patterns that you try to avoid in the future? And what have you missed the most?

My hope and prayer is that we will care for ourselves, love our neighbours in word and deed and work together to help restore the planet.