St Lawrence's Day

St Lawrence was the team leader of a team of seven deacons in the church in Rome. He was the church treasurer and responsible for feeding the widows and orphans.

In 258 the Roman Emperor Valerian ordered the persecution of the church. The Pope was captured and executed and the roman authorities demanded that St Lawrence hand over the treasurers of the church. St Lawrence asked for three days to gather the wealth and during that time he distributed the churches assets among the poor. On the third day St Lawrence presented himself to the authorities and presented the widows and orphans saying “These are the treasures of the church”.

For his defiance he was executed on 10 August 258 by being chained to a gridiron with hot coals beneath. The legend goes that after suffering pain for a long time he said “I am well done on this side. Turn me over!”. As a result St Lawrence is the patron saint of barbecues, chefs and comedians.

So you are all invited to two St Lawrence’s day events:-

On Sunday 8 August, at 10:00 Archdeacon Liz Jackson is coming to speak and preside and also

On Sunday 8 August at 12:00noon we will be having a BBQ. Tickets are £5.00 and are available from Mike and Alison Saunders, Iris Lloyd and David Small.

It would be lovely if you could join us for one or the other or both.