St Thomas a model of Faith

I love the story of St Thomas meeting the risen Jesus. You probably remember that on Easter day he wasn’t there when Jesus came and stood among his disciples and like a modern day scientist Thomas says ‘unless I see the nail marks and put my finger into his side, I will not believe it’. He wanted the evidence, the proof that the resurrection had happened.

A week later, on the Sunday after Easter Jesus stood among them again and said to Thomas ‘see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side’. I love it, Jesus doesn’t say ‘you shouldn’t be asking questions’ but rather he offers Thomas the evidence he said he wanted! It is almost as though Jesus is saying ‘good question,  how about this for evidence!’.

My favourite evening of the week is Alpha night. We have a meal together, then we watch a video for about 30 minutes and after coffee and cake hand over the agenda to the people who have come along and say ‘What do you think?’ For the next 45 minutes the alpha members have the agenda and are encouraged to ask their questions just like Thomas. I usually say ‘no question is too trivial and no question too threatening’ and this is the part of the evening I love so much, when we try to find the truth from our different perspectives and I learn something almost every time.

The next Alpha course starts on Wednesday 3 May at 7.30 at the vicarage and I would love it if you could join us (and if you need to join us a week late don’t worry you will still be most welcome.) Do come along it is the best night of the week.