Do you prefer good news or bad?

The media tell us that bad news sells newspapers but newspaper sales are down!

In contrast during Ariana Grande’s concert a policeman danced with the fans and an hour later it had been retweeted 15,000 times and now it has been viewed 80,000 times on youtube. You may have gathered I prefer good news!

In Greek the word ‘gospel’ is ‘euangelion’ and it literally means ‘good news’. What is more, the people who base their lives on the gospel are called ‘evangelicals’ and the process of passing on the gospel to others is called ‘evangelism’. I am a good news person and can usually see the silver lining despite the clouds and I would encourage you to be a good news person too.

We live in the midst of beautiful countryside and the people of the town are so friendly that they often stop to talk to us as we walk somewhere. So let’s be thankful for the place where we live and the people we live among and let’s have a smile on our faces and a spring in our step as we speak good news to one another.

Have a great summer.