Learning to Pray

I want to invite you to come on a quiet morning with Fr Paul King. When I was at theological college I went to Paul and asked him to help me pray and as a result I felt loved by God just the way I am and I would love it if everyone in Hungerford could feel the same.

The bible teaches us that God is good and that he loves us just the way we are.  It goes on to say that we are made in His image and surely that means that we were made good and with the capacity to love people just the way they are.

Sadly the bible also tells us, we tend to be selfish and that spoils the image of God in us and reduces our capacity to love others.

But like the perfect parent, God doesn’t like to see us stuck where we can’t get out. So he sent his son to rescue us from our selfishness and to restore the image of God in us or in other words to help us to be good and to love others the way they are

I think it is my job to co-operate with God, so that God begins to restore his image in me and to allow you to see the work God is doing so that you think ‘If God can do that for Mike then there is hope for me too!’.

So please join us if you can to learn from Fr Paul King on Saturday 4 March from 9.45 – 1.00 at St Lawrence’s Church. There is no charge but you will be invited to make a donation towards the heating. To reserve your place please email me or sign up in church. It would be great to see you there.